About Belle Rose Nails

Hi Gorgeous 🥰😘,

My name is Belle and thank you for visiting my store!!!

First of all, let me start with this: I LOVE PRETTY THINGS! And that's exactly why I started Belle Rose Press On Nails.

In my early twenties, I was a high maintenance girl who spent tons of money on manicure💅, pedicure, hair, shoes, clothes and jewelries.

Now that I'm in my thirties and got married with my sweet sweet hubby, I... want MORE! Don't get me wrong; I mean besides being high maintenance and loving pretty things, I now also want CONVENIENCE and a GREAT DEAL.

I no longer want to sit in a nail salon for hours just to get my nails done ONCE;

or spend HUNDREDS of dollars EVERY month to keep my beautiful nails last!

I can list a hundred good reasons for you ladies to try out press on nails, but hear this out first: Press On Nails Don't Hurt Your Natural Nails!

I've spent months ordering hundreds and thousands of samples from dozens of factories; and I finally hand picked these beautiful designs and great quality pieces and they are so worth every penny.

I do quality checks together with my husband for every single piece TWICE, when they check into my warehouse and when the order is carefully packaged for shipping out.

Belle Rose (meaning "Beautiful Rose") is named after my favorite flower; Rose with its attractive appearance and protective thorns strikes me as a sexy, brave, independent and charming lady with lots of characters. And this is what I want my brand image to represent.

I love all my products and I put my heart ❤️ in them. And I truly believe you would love them too. :)




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