How To Apply Press-On Nails with Adhesive Tabs [Video Tutorial with Hacks]

Hi Gorgeous 😘, here is your detailed video tutorial on how to apply press-on nails with adhesive tabs [Application Guide] 🥰

We received many messages regarding the press-on nails application process, thus we made this video tutorial, hoping it could help you understand the process 😉

It's quite a simple and convenient method of wearing beautiful nails and changing styles; you just have to pay attention to a couple of points to avoid your press-ons from falling easily 😎

Normally, the nails could last for 3~5 days with adhesive tabs, if you apply them right. Once you are experienced, they could even last for over a week. The press-on nails are durable and re-usable and you could always re-apply them again with new adhesive tabs whenever you'd like 😘
Please see below the video tutorial: 
Below is a description for your reference too with DOs and DON'Ts 🥰. It looks very long because we tried to include as many details as possible and help you avoid mistakes; once you're familiar with the process, it's really simple and quick.

- Clean your hands thoroughly
(do NOT use hand lotion or apply any cuticle oil at this point; keep your hands dry and clean)
- Push back the cuticles and roughen up the nail surfaces with the nail file
(file your nail surfaces horizontally, NOT vertically)
- Wipe your nails clean with alcohol pads and wait till the nails fully dry
(again, don't apply any hand lotion or oil)
- Select the correct sizes of press-on nails for all of your nails
(choose 10 press-on nails out of the 24 pack which best fit your nails)
- Take out the adhesive tab and remove the transparent cover on it
- Measure against your nails and choose the correct size of adhesive tabs
(you'd want it to be slightly smaller and the width is the key to finding the right sizing; if it's too long, you could always file it down with your nail file)
- Apply the adhesive tab to your nail, starting from the root of the nail
(about 1~2mm away from the bottom edge of your nail)
- Use the other hand to squeeze out all bubbles, spread the adhesive tab to fully cover your nail (width and tip), and press it for 10~15 seconds till it sticks firmly to your nail
- Remove the protective cover of the sticky pad
- Apply your press-on nail to your natural nail: also staring from the bottom; keep a 45 degrees angle while pressing and pushing it all the way to the bottom edge of your natural nail, so that the press-on nail is firmly attached to your natural nail with the adhesive tab
- Press and hold your press-on nail for 15~20 seconds till it sticks firmly
- Do your nails ONE BY ONE
- Wait for 30~60 mins before touching water or doing anything dramatic
- Cut or file the press-on nails per your preference and treat them as your own nails (Optional)