Hi Gorgeous😘,

Thank you SO much for ordering with us and welcome to the fam!! 🥰🥳 We are SUPER excited and thrilled to have you as our amazingly gorgeous customers! 🥳


To thank all of you for your love and support for us, please kindly see below a list of perks for all first-time purchases and repeated purchases with us:

1. For Your First Time Purchase with us:

We prepare complimentary nail tools for all nail sets purchases+ free secret gifts for all orders.

We pack all orders very carefully and for those of you who are still new to the family, please feel free to check out our packing videos on Facebook/Instagram/Tiktok @bellerosenails.


2. For Your 2nd Order with us:

- You will get all above; PLUS

- We'll add additional gifts to the gift bag for you 🥰; PLUS

- You'll get a chance to enter for draws for our Christmas Giveaways!

(Yes, we will have free giveaways to celebrate the Merry Christmas holidays with the Belle Rose Family; The giveaways will be 100% free and we'll even pay for the international shipping for you!)


3. For Your 3rd Order and All of Your Following Orders with us:

- You will get all above; PLUS

- We'll upgrade the gifts and unlock gift items that we don't normally include for gift bags 🤩

As you may already know us enough at this point 😉, we constantly find new and exciting gifts and add to our gift collections. And we'll make sure to share these with you and hope these could bring some small happiness and excitement to your life. 😘


4. When your accumulated purchase amount reaches $100USD, for ALL of your future orders (starting from the next order) with us:

- All of above; Plus

- You will forever enjoy "Buy 3 Get 1 Free" benefit (for nails only and the freebie will be selected randomly, but please feel free to add notes and tell you us what style you'd prefer or not prefer); PLUS 

-  You will be GUARANTEED for our Christmas giveaways 🥳 We really appreciate your great support and love for us and we'd be happy to prepare a Christmas present for you.

Based on your accumulated purchase amount, we will prepare as many gifts as we possibly can. 🥰😘 The more you've been shopping with us, the more gifts we'll prepare for you. Hope these gifts could fly to you with our full-hearted love and gratefulness for you! ❤️❤️




Thank you all SO much again for ordering with us! It has been my dream to build up this store and every piece of it has a piece of my heart and soul in them. And none of this could have happened without your love and support. 🥰


Warmest regards,

Belle and the entire Belle Rose Press-On Nails Team